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Maintain To Profit Renovations North Shore can help you with all your building projects – maintenance jobs to large renovations! We are fully registered and qualified builders, who take pride in our work and providing North Shore homeowners with a quality building experience.


Renovate any size your Kitchen or bathroom at a target budget.


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Sunnynook home and bathroom renovation


The Sunnynook Road complete home and bathroom renovation is a great example of how "doing up" your existing home can reap fantastic rewards! Often people think about renovating and decide it is just too hard and there’s too much work to be done and give up. This is where having a chat with us at Maintain To Profit can really pay off. Bathroom before renovation Bathroom after renovation Have a look at the before and after photos for our project at Sunnynook Road. This property had seen a lot of life lived between its’ four walls. In fact, so much life had been lived in it, the interior hadn’t been touched since it was built. It has been some time since bright pumpkin orange has been seen as the height of interior design and yet this gorgeous colour was found everywhere throughout this house! Typical for the age of house there were lots of dividing walls to separate spaces, however all this really serves to do is close in the light and provides no real sight lines or a feeling of space in an otherwise large home. The paint on the walls had thinned with age – or perhaps only one coat was ever applied and the walls looked dark and unclean because of it. The carpets had worn over time and were threadbare in places. There were various stains throughout the house that no amount of carpet cleaning was ever going to remove. The rooms that had wallpaper, had wallpaper that had sustained damage with parts torn off and others lifting away from the walls where the glue had lost its “stick”. So how…

Before and After – Renovation Ellen Avenue Hillcrest


When stepping into Ellen Avenue Hillcrest, you could be forgiven for thinking that you had fallen through a time warp. Tones of peach, orange, yellow and brown set the scene throughout this house. It had been some time since any updates had been made and time had not been kind to this solid little building. Maintain To Profit were brought on board to see what could be done to make this house back into a welcoming, enjoyable home. We think the before and after shots showcase the transformation perfectly. The Lounge Orange. The lounge was orange. From the wallpaper to the carpet and the time worn ceilings – this room needed a makeover! Maintain To Profit stripped the wallpaper off the walls and prepped them for painting, filling any dents and sanding before painting the walls and ceiling white. Because this room was not a large space, having white walls and ceiling instead of contrasting walls and ceiling invites light into the room. The orange carpet you see in the lounge was throughout the house. It was dated, worn and quite unsightly. This carpet (and colour!) was removed and a new soft, hard wearing carpet was re-laid in a very muted grey tone.  By keeping muted colours in a home, this allows your colour scheme to last almost forever and you can give your home it’s own personalised touch by using pops of color in your furniture and décor. In the long run it is a much cheaper way of staying close to the current trends than having to completely redecorate. The Master Bedroom   The master bedroom is now viewed as a place of…

A Success Renovation Story in Rodney


Renovations can be tricky. When you do it right, you save tons of money and get just what you wanted. However, if you get it wrong or hire the wrong people, you stand to lose a lot of cash and become disappointed with the results. That’s why if you’re looking for renovations that meet your high standards, look no further than Maintain To Profit Renovations. Why Choose Maintain To Profit Renovations? Maintain To Profit Renovations is your one stop solution to all renovations, remodeling, and rebuilding. Whether you want to completely renovate your entire home, or you are just looking to renovate a small section, such as a bathroom or kitchen, we can help! Our service spans all the way from the initial design ideas and concepts to seeing the project through by managing the process for you. Our team of specialized Master Builders are there to help, ensuring a seamless and stress-free project for you that meets your budget. Renovations in Rodney, Auckland At Maintain To Profit Renovations, we have made renovations all over New Zealand. One of our favorites is this one we did in Rodney, Auckland, where we were able to turn a kitchen from drab and run down to sparkling, a bathroom from dilapidated to bright, and a living room from dark to airy. We’re Here to Help You Only we can deliver just what you need. We hold your hand and guide you from start to finish so you get the changes that you desire at the least amount of time and money. Our goal is to deliver results that our clients want while staying on budget. Recently, we were…

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